Brain juice competition

Are you a JavaScript developer?

Squeeze your brain, create a creative use-case concept, grab GLMs & respect! The total prize pool is 16,000 GLM.

How to take part in the competition?

To submit your yajsapi use case samples:

  1. Fork golemfactory/js-api-use cases repository.
  2. Create a new directory within the repository.
  3. Add a Readme for your submission, describe your use case and (optionally) include samples of pseudo-code.
  4. Create a PR and Issue to the golemfactory `js-api-usecases` repo following the issue template.

How will your entry be decided?

1. The Community Warriors of Golem will select the top 12 finalists


1st place: 4000 GLM

What use case samples we are looking for?

We are now redesigning/refreshing the yajsapi high-level library, including its programming model, API, etc. We would like to get inspiration from the Golem members, friends, and fans, and it would be great to test our yajsapi vision against use cases proposed by the community. Therefore we’d like to announce an open “call for use-case concepts”.

An ideal response/proposal should include:

- Idea name (“buzzword”)


Mikolaj Barwicki — architect



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