Coding Workshop: Developing utilizing the Golem Service Model

While we briefly introduced the Services API in our Beta.2 release walk-through that went along with the 2nd major release. Now, Kuba is taking the stage to present our coding workshop (above) where we take a deeper dive into how developers can get started building on service-oriented applications that run on the Golem Network. The workshop covers the topics: why you should build on Golem, what is the Golem Daemon, and how you can create your own requestor applications on Golem using the Service Model.

Why is this exciting? Services are processes running under the control of a Provider, based on an Agreement with the Requestor, that respond to requests until they are explicitly stopped by the Requestors. Services add an extra layer of simplicity over the low-level APIs and makes the building of service-oriented applications straightforward for a developer.

In order to fully enjoy the workshop, developers should have experience with Python-since so far the services are available for the Yagna Python API (Yapapi)-looking to create their own service-type applications. The relevant examples can be found in the services section of the handbook and we’ve included timestamps for each link used during the workshop in the video description.

Originally published at on July 15, 2021.



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