Community Incentives Program (CIP) October Update!

Just a recap on what we’re actually talking about for the newcomers… Golem has a Community Incentives Program (CIP) through which we reward community contributions on a monthly, and bi-monthly basis (depending on the prize and category).

This edition, we get to award the biggest rewards, so we’re extra excited. Here are the winners and some highlights:

CIP Highlight — Building on New Golem!

In the month of October we announced the Alpha II reveal of New Golem, with functionalities allowing for developers to build dockerized applications on top of the platform. To bootstrap this and get early adopters feedback, we launched four incentivized programs on Gitcoin:

In addition, we also had our Provider Sneak Peek release, and are offering GNT rewards for the first users.

As you may be able to notice, there is a lot going on already within our (still small) Golem Network ecosystem, but we’ve decided to look towards the future and already created a collection of resources in the awesome-format which anyone can contribute to, Awesome Golem.

In the list, you can find submissions from the Alpha II bounty program along with applications that developers just felt like building to try out the platform. Here’s a really cool example and we love this sort of feedback!

Community Incentives Program — October awardees

The individuals we’ll be awarding the CIP slots for this latest round are:

Feedback Masters (1000 GNT): etakmit#2453 (Discord) and PoTski#5020 (Discord)

Tech Supporters (5000 GNT): Porton#9675 (Discord) and Reza#2219 (Discord)

Content Creator of the Month (2500 GNT): Edhendil (Reddit)

Task Force General (7000 GNT): Doc#3498 (Discord)

Super User (2500 GNT): dmcnic#0236 (Discord)

Telegram Administrator (1500 GNT): @jaspervv99 (Telegram)

Please shoot an email over to and we’ll follow up with instructions. Or find Mattias in the community Discord ( and he will be happy to help you. :)

Finishing Up

If you’re interested in getting involved in the Golem community and participating in the CIP, feel free to jump in. There are no minimum requirements, it’s technically speaking an opt-out program so unless you strictly mention you don’t want to be part of it then you simply need to be active anywhere where the Golem community is discussing and interacting. For example come to Discord, /r/GolemProject and /r/GolemTrader on Reddit, Telegram (there’s also an announcements channel you can join if you want to focus only on project updates from our blog).

See you again for the November round update!

Originally published at on November 5, 2020.




Airbnb for computers. Rent your unused CPU/GPU cycles and get paid in cryptocurrency. A decentralized network powering true cloud computing.

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Golem Project

Golem Project

Airbnb for computers. Rent your unused CPU/GPU cycles and get paid in cryptocurrency. A decentralized network powering true cloud computing.

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