Create with us and get rewarded for it! Introducing the Golem Community Incentives Program

We’re excited to announce that we are officially launching our Community Incentives Program (CIP), for the first time in the history of our project and our amazing community.

The primary objective of the CIP is to create an initiative that empowers individuals in a borderless manner, to further promote assistance between individuals in the Golem community.

This post will sound a bit dry — apologies for that but we need to lay all the terms, conditions and details very clearly! we promise the following ones will be fun and share insights from the winners and the wider community.

By doing so, you will be able to get GNT rewards, special swag, and others — starting July 1st, 2020.

Incentives Categories

  1. Content Creator of the Month: it can be a cool blog post, a Reddit thread (such as the Colony one), a video, memes, any Golem related content!

note: if you’re on the edge on whether or not to participate in the CIP, Phillip’s perfectly worded comment is for you!


The size of a reward is based on the below listed, non-binding guideline allocations:

*the term “bi-monthly” refers to once every two months.
**estimated per study, 44 slots maximum across the program.

Golem Factory GmbH reserves the right to revise the above rewards every three months. Please also note that since these guidelines are non-binding, GNT allocations are in the end determined at the sole discretion of the CIP team of Golem Factory GmbH and all reward decisions are final.

Other variables

Community Incentives Program — judging criteria:

In addition, we understand that the nature of the CIP is subjective and we will do our best to judge fairly based on the below.

  1. Quality and Quantity: As the old saying goes, we value quality over quantity. If you have questions about Golem Network, we would highly recommend seeing our documentation FAQ.

Eligibility Requirements — Communication:

  • Content creation needs to be relevant to the Golem Network and shared with the community on at least one social platform (i.e. Reddit, Discord, Twitter, Telegram, Facebook). For example, if you create a blog post and share it on Reddit it’s automatically considered as a submission for the CIP. It is not a requirement to submit directly to Golem Factory GmbH.

Eligibility Requirements — Developer Surveying Program:

  • Research participants must be Web3 developers. Secondary requirements (e.g. experience with DeFi) have to be adjusted accordingly to the study type.

General Rules / Legal Information

  • The Community Incentives Program (CIP) will run for 6 months from the announcement date.

Legals: Golem Community Incentives Program (CIP) is an experimental and discretionary reward program aimed at encouraging and rewarding improvement of the Golem community. By participating in the CIP, you acknowledge that Golem Factory GmbH can cancel the CIP at any time, and rewards are paid at the sole discretion of the CIP team of the Golem Factory GmbH. In addition, Golem Factory GmbH is not able to issue rewards to individuals who are on any sanction list (in particular, but without limitation, US, Swiss, European sanctions lists) or who are citizens of sanctioned/embargoed countries (eg. North Korea, Iran, etc). The transfer of a reward thus may be made subject to a prior and successful KYC-check of the participant. All recipients of any reward tokens are responsible for all taxes under their respective jurisdictions and situations. All rewards are subject to applicable law. Finally, your CIP involvement must not violate any law. Golem Factory GmbH disclaims any and all liability, in particular, but without limitation, with respect to your CIP involvement (incl. possible rewards paid out to you) being compliant with any applicable law. Any disputes arising out of or in connection with the CIP shall be exclusively decided by the ordinary courts of the city of Zug, Switzerland and in accordance to Swiss law.


Make sure to read our privacy policy.

If you have any questions — please comment on the Reddit thread. We are very excited to have this program, it took a lot of love and work to prepare it and adjust it to Golem’s needs and the community’s expectations. We are looking forward to your participation! We will have monthly updates pertaining the category winners — so you can start participating NOW! Want to start a discussion about it? Reddit’s the best place for it! Follow us on Twitter to get the latest announcements & progress updates

Originally published at on July 1, 2020.

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