GLM Rewards Program March Update

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2 min readApr 11, 2022

The GLM Rewards Program for March has concluded! We absolutely love the application development going on in the community lately!

We would like to remind everyone that we have increased the number of slots available for Application Development and Maintenance on Golem, and we have decreased the rewards for Technical Support.

This new application is being developed by Jedbrooke#7627. He is developing a high performance spigot to find far-out digits of Pi with Bellard’s Formula, which will utilize Golem. His current program is using C++.

You can find updates for the application in the #development channel of the Golem Discord.

The individuals we’ll be awarding the GLM Rewards Program slots for March’s round are:

Feedback Masters (1000 GLM each): jedbrooke#7627 (Discord) and #stelballe#2785 (Discord)

Application Creation and Maintenance (4000 GLM each): krunch3r#2035 (Discord) and jedbrooke#7627 (Discord) and The Golden Atlas [16-A]#9943 (Discord)

Please shoot an email over to and we’ll follow up with instructions. Or find Mattias in the community Discord ( and he will be happy to help you directly.

Wrapping Up

That’s everything that we have for March’s GLM Rewards Program. If you’re interested in learning more about this month’s highlights then don’t hesitate to join the community Discord and share your thoughts. Or if the Application Creation and Maintenance category sparks your interest and you’re a developer then we’d love to see you create and share your own application that utilizes the Golem Network.

Remember that it’s easy to get started with the GLM Rewards Program by being active where the Golem community is discussing and interacting. The Golem team is often active in the Discord, /r/GolemProject and /r/GolemTrader on Reddit, Telegram and announcements channel. Or create some cool Golem integration on Github and share it with us via email, for ideas check out Awesome Golem. There’s so much potential for anyone to get involved.

Since the GLM Rewards Program requires KYC then of course you can opt-out if it’s not for you, we just want to token(ize) our appreciation in the form of GLM tokens.

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