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4 min readApr 6, 2022


Beta V is here with bundled major updates to Yagna and the Yagna Python API, Yapapi! Our last update, Beta IV, made the fees much lower across the board, allowing requestors and providers to run more cost-efficient tasks.

Beta V includes Yagna v0.10.0, codenamed Fishing Rod. This version of Yagna includes the feature of mid-agreement payments, which is a mechanism allowing to pay the provider at set points in time during the duration of an agreement. This is an essential function to enable tasks or services to run for long periods of time. This will also confirm that the requestor is still online at any point after a task is sent, to prevent long-term computations that would never get paid. For more information on the improvements to payments, we’d recommend the intro to payments in the handbook.

Beta V also includes Yapapi v0.9.0. This Yapapi update has a new events interface that allows users to have a cleaner, easier to understand, and easier to debug experience when using events. This new events interface also allows requestors to code an event handler for any selected events. Yapapi also has another update that allows the requestors to easily control and limit the tasks sent to a specific provider.

From a developer and requestor perspective, the local HTTP proxy functionality could be considered the most interesting part of this release. The HTTP proxy feature was introduced briefly in the Beta IV release, with the very basic example covered in the Requestor Walk-through video. Since then the local HTTP proxy module has been added to the recently-created yapapi.contrib as a reusable component, available out of the box to external developers. Think of this as a part of the toolset for developing web applications on Golem.

In the video below, we dive into a short presentation and demonstration for a Golem WebApp on Yapapi’s Service API:

Near the end of this blog we share how you can get rewarded with GLM for trying out and giving feedback on this release.

How do I upgrade or install Golem?

To upgrade or install Golem, both will be the same for a requestor or a provider. If it’s your first time running Golem, we would recommend going through the Golem handbook to learn more about how to interact with the Yagna software.

curl -sSf https://join.golem.network/as-requestor | bash -

Here you can find the section specific to requestors in the handbook and the Golem Python API Reference, which is the main entrypoint of Golem’s high-level API, is available at yapapi.readthedocs.io.

curl -sSf https://join.golem.network/as-provider | bash -

The “ Becoming a provider “ section of the handbook will be useful to you in the scenario that this is your first time getting started as a Golem provider.


As security advice, which we give in almost all releases for both requestors and providers, you should be backing up your keys if you have mainnet tokens. You can back up your keys to your wallet with the following export command (while Golem is running):

yagna id export — file-path=./key.json

If you’re just getting started with Golem for the first time, you want to go to the handbook. It includes the installation steps as a Provider or Requestor, along with explanations and important details such as Command-Line Interface (CLI).

Rewards for individuals giving feedback and developing on the new release

We wanted to remind you all about our GLM Rewards Program. We have up to 20 slots, per month, to receive rewards to, totaling up to a maximum of 25000 GLM per month given away. If you want to participate, join us on Reddit, Twitter, Discord, and Telegram.

We would also like to mention that we are officially changing the “Tech Supporters” GLM allocation and the “Application Creation and Maintenance” GLM allocation. This means that up to 3 individuals, each month, who create and maintain applications using the Golem Network, can earn 4,000 GLM. The Tech Supporter category has been updated to be 500 GLM split between 1–2 tech supporters per month.

For this release in particular, we would love to see individuals trying out the new Yapapi local HTTP proxy functionality and giving us feedback. If you’re a developer, then please consider getting involved in creating your own web application. For this task we can offer both Application Creation and Maintenance and Feedback Master together, with a potential reward of up to 5,500 GLM.

Thank you!

Thank you for reading the Beta V announcement. We look forward to receiving your feedback and learning about your experience. You can reach us via email, Discord, and please keep us in the loop with your latest endeavours when building on Golem, we’d be happy to include applications in Awesome Golem!

Originally published at https://blog.golemproject.net on April 6, 2022.



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