Golem GitHub Digest #16: Building up to the next release.

What’s in store for this Digest?

Hi everyone, welcome to GitHub Digest #16. Since the previous GitHub Digest (#15) we’ve been working hard! Not only around the Golem protocol itself, getting the next major release ready (v0.8.0) with numerous release candidates, but also with more periphery areas around the project.

So, what’s in the Golem GitHub?

There have been multiple patch releases to address some of the issues Golem users have encountered. We’re gearing up toward the v0.8.0 release which you might be able to tell by the multiple release candidates on GitHub.

Coming up

What’s exciting about v0.8.0 is multiple improvements to the protocol and also new features. Notable features that the Golem devs are looking to add include:

  1. ARM binaries for requestors — you will be able to request on the Golem Network from an ARM device!
  2. Custome usage counters — these will enable providers to charge for the number of requests served during services. This is important because it will help establish the Golem Network marketplace for use-cases that might arise.

Digest wrap-up!

Thanks for ready this episode of the GitHub Digest. We collect all GitHub Digest episodes on Awesome Golem, your one-stop-shop for everything Golem development. Please join the Golem chat. Anything in terms of questions, support, suggestions, and just generally interacting with the Golem community can be found there.

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