ReadyLayerOne — The next milestone: A Golem (R)evolution Synopsis

History and Lessons Learned

  • Golem Unlimited facilitating access to trusted subnetworks.
  • Graphene allows users to run unmodified binaries in an SGX enclave.
  • gWASM is for developers so that they can implement some code in the language of their choice and deploy it on the network.
  • Task API, a python library containing a programming interface and utility functions where developers can deploy their own dockerized apps to the Golem Network without a need for them to be included in Golem releases. Effectively, it enables much more robust release cycles for specific Golem use-cases.

The Next Milestone (aka New Golem): A Golem (R)evolution

What is New Golem

  • Architecture principles
  • Models
  • Standards
  • Building blocks

How will this look for integrators?

New Golem Architecture

  1. Open as in — open protocols, APIs and standards, where the community can implement things on their own and add to the ecosystem.
  2. Modular as in — both golem factory and community can add modules — implementations of building blocks, and as long as the interfaces are met, the modules should plug together nicely.
  3. Platform-agnostic as in — by having standardized interfaces we can have a .Net requestor app on WIndows executing a WebAssembly payload package on a Linux host.
  4. Structured approach as in — we identify building blocks, we specify them, we implement them, we learn from experience, we update the building blocks, etc.
  5. Industry standards where applicable — RESTful APIs, ProtoBuf for low-level GSB communication, OpenAPI/yaml for API specification.

New Golem MVP

ERC20 Migration

Where are we now?

  • We’ve delivered an internal PoC for The Next Milestone in mid-April — this opened up the opportunity for us to re-group and plan our efforts to get to the MVP in a more efficient manner
  • Part of it was restructuring our team to better align with the new goals, we’re moving from 33% of the team working on New Golem towards having 100% of the team focused on these efforts
  • Our ultimate goal is to provide a top-notch SDK with a relatively shallow learning curve. We plan to work very closely with external developers to learn about their needs and how to best cater them. The decentralized marketplace is one of the key value propositions of our platform (being able to buy/sell resources in a distributed, censorship resistant way), therefore we are progressing from our PoC where we used a centralized .Net implementation of the market towards the proper implementation. One of our teams is fully focused on building the decentralized marketplace.
  • One of the Golem challenges is lowering the cost of the transactions that are being used for paying for computing resources. We’re looking into several L2 solutions, AND most recently coming into the conclusion that ZK-rollup could offer the best fit. However, we remain on the lookout for the latest developments on this front.
  • We consider our WASM ExeUnit MVP as ready. Now we will focus now on releasing the VM ExeUnit to provide the migration from Linux binaries to working apps in the most seamless way possible. We’re also planning to start the effort on other ExeUnits, most specifically, supporting secure enclaves.

Airbnb for computers. Rent your unused CPU/GPU cycles and get paid in cryptocurrency. A decentralized network powering true cloud computing.

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Golem Project

Golem Project

Airbnb for computers. Rent your unused CPU/GPU cycles and get paid in cryptocurrency. A decentralized network powering true cloud computing.

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