Unraveling Golem’s The Next Milestone, Part I

What is New Golem?

New Golem proposes a more overarching platform for generalized distributed compute. One that focuses on developer experience and allows builders the freedom to build their own decentralized applications atop of a robust and innovative platform. Conceived and constructed as the next generation of a project that was already extremely ambitious and has been in the market for more than two years, New Golem opens up much broader possibilities than those that Legacy Golem or other platforms in the field of decentralized compute have been offering.

New Golem’s Architecture

What to expect from New Golem

New Golem allows for a multitude of use-cases to be built atop it, from decentralized compute platforms, data center providers, app stores to private networks (such as Golem Unlimited), and decentralized applications. The integration of client applications with the Golem Network is facilitated by four APIs (Market API, Activity API, Payment API and Identity API) and New Golem is a reference implementation of these. The client applications shall interact with these APIs following generic scenarios. The four APIs might come as no surprise for some of our most avid followers as they have already been part of Stone, and were hinted in the April 2019 AMA.

How does GNT’s future migration to ERC-20 fold into New Golem?

You might be wondering why GNT has yet to be mentioned. Rest assured, the upcoming migration to ERC-20 is the answer as it will allow the new Golem token to work better within the New Golem construction. The ERC-20 standard allows tokens to access a wide range of solutions to improve UX, such as Universal Login, Metatransactions, and others. Additionally, Layer-2 solutions for ERC-20 tokens are advancing. Thus, for the future integration of the ERC-20 Golem Token (ticker name to be revealed soon — in order to protect our users from scams) in use-cases, we will be able to leverage better transaction speed, avoid network clogging, and other benefits associated with the implementation of scaling models.



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Golem Project

Golem Project


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