Unraveling Golem’s The Next Milestone, Part III

Daemon & CLI (Command Line Interface)

To participate in the Golem network, a machine must host a component called Daemon. The Daemon is a piece of software which runs in the background and implements all the fundamental mechanics of the Golem ecosystem. It is responsible for:

  • Node identity, account and key management
  • Communication with other nodes in the Golem network
  • Implementation of the low-level APIs
  • Management of payments and integration with payment platforms (yes, the new Golem architecture allows various payment platforms, like plain Ethereum, or Layer-2 solutions)

Provider Agent

In order to advertise resources onto the Golem Market, the Offers need to be published and the incoming Demands processed, so that the Agreements with the Requestors can be negotiated. Then, the activity execution needs to be controlled, and finally, payment notes must be issued in order to receive payments for services. All these responsibilities are the domain of the Agent application on the Provider side.

Requestor Agent App

Now that we fleshed out the provider agent, which component is responsible for formulating the Demand for computing resources available in the Golem network? There is an application on the Requestor side, which “knows what it wants”, ie. puts the specification of required resources, as well as acceptable commercial terms, in what we call a Demand, and issues it to the Golem market (using APIs published by the Daemon).


All computing resources offered in the Golem network are wrapped by an abstract interface which allows to control the execution, and queries the state of the execution. We call the instances of this abstraction Execution Environments or ExeUnits.

…all this together

All the modules described above, working together, comprise the logical Golem network. The Golem Factory is currently building an implementation of this reference architecture — we called it Yagna:



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Golem Project

Golem Project


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