White hat hacker challenge @ DEVCON5 — but with a twist — Join us for the Building on top of Golem with gWasm and Unlimited workshop!

So, you might have already heard that we are going to do a workshop at DEVCON5. You might have already heard it’s about gWASM and Golem Unlimited. You might have also heard that we’re going to be bolder than usual and it will be slightly over the top — DEVCON5 is, after all, our most important conference in the Ethereum ecosystem, our yearly big family get together, and the Ethereum community is as proficient and outstanding as it is outrageous. So when we got our submission approved, we thought: why don’t we take all the elements that make the Ethereum community so special, and we mix them up with what we wanna communicate as technologists?

We’re not going to give you spoilers — there’s no fun in that. So let’s keep this post brief. We are going to show how to turn existing local resources into a host for distributed computing with Golem Unlimited and then how to use Web Assembly to run your apps on top of the GU Hub we created together. How? GU is able to connect all computers on a particular setting (this time, the room of the Novel Languages Track at DEVCON5) into clusters able to compute tasks that require a lot of power. You will have the opportunity to run up to 3 apps with source-code available, to conform to a simplistic API and cross-compile to Wasm target from Rust:

  • “Hello World” for gwasm-runner: demonstrates how easy it is to distribute your computations with gwasm-runner
  • Mandelbrot example app: generate nice fractals using gWASM
  • Gudot, a Fully Homomorphic Encryption example app: a predictive algorithm on encrypted data

Of course, we could show you how to do this, see how you compute a sample task and call it a day. But DEVCON is about having fun! So we decided to step it up, as mentioned: attending the workshop will give you the tools and knowledge to tackle our treasure hunt challenge (implemented in both Rust and C++ for your convenience).

As David Bowie once said (no, this hacker challenge is not about Bowie, but this is a relevant quote): we can’t tell you where we’re going, but we promise it won’t be boring.

Join us on October 8th at 9 am — make sure to arrive on time because it’s the first workshop of Day 1, we promise the early start will be worth your time!

To fully experience hands-on experience in the workshop, please install the docker on your machine and `docker pull docker.devcon.golem.network/gwasm-tutorial` docker image beforehand. To check the requirements, head over to our workshop website.

For more information, visit our website

Originally published at https://blog.golemproject.net on October 4, 2019.

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